Vesta provides secure, innovative payment solutions and needed a standard definition of its Mobile Payment Platform for internal stakeholders, customers, and prospects to refer to.



Now Interactive LLC produced a product definition document outlining consumer-facing, client-facing, and operational features. In addition, in partnership with Memamsa LLC, we developed a prototype demonstrating payments via web site, SMS Text, and IVR. The prototype featured

  • Fully functional demonstration of credit card, debit card, and electronic check (ACH) payments.
  • Ten different brands demonstrating product integration for a variety of customers and prospects.
  • Written output in four different languages for demonstration of web and SMS payments.
  • Verbal output in three different languages for demonstration of IVR payments.
  • Personalized settings for demonstrators, enhancing sales and marketing presentations.


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Customization of branding, language, country, and currency.

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Vesta functionality embedded in a prospective customer's branded site.

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Simulation of SMS text based payments.

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