Alkami (previously known as iThryv) needed to jump-start online banking product development with a demonstrable prototype that could be shown to prospective customers, partners, and investors. iThryv


Working from PowerPoint presentations and wireframe diagrams, Now Interactive LLC produced a fully functional prototype of an online banking service. The hallmarks of the service were a revolutionary modern user interface, and numerous opportunities for financial institutions to capture data for a deeper understanding of their customers. The prototype featured fully functional demonstrations of

  • Advanced user interface featuring animated elements and custom skins chosen by users
  • Administrative interface demonstrating the financial institution's ability to define user segments and target marketing messages to them
  • All features encapsulated in widgets that could be enabled or disabled by users and made available to defined user segments
  • Savings Goals widget allowing the user to set and track progress against savings goals
  • Budgeting features allowing establishment of per-category budget and expense reporting
  • Business in a Box widget assisting the user in setting up a small business
  • Guardian controls enabling a head-of-household or small business owner to create user logins and restrict their actions
  • Balances and transaction history for multiple asset and liability accounts
  • Transaction categorization and pie-chart representation of categorized transactions
  • Innovative user interface for transfers
  • Message center enabling secure structured messaging between users and customer service personnel
  • Integration with third-party bill payment provider
  • Quiz widget letting users test their financial literacy
  • User authentication, authorization


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Login screen

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Innovative transfers UI

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Message center

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Guardian controls

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Balances and history

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