Air New Zealand wanted to promote sales of airline tickets between specific geographies.

Air New Zealand


In partnership with tenfour and Small Society, Now Interactive LLC delivered multiple marketing campaigns including online and mobile components.

This campaign was delivered in just six weeks from concept to launch, and featured

  • A public web site, that used interactive graphics to recommend recreations, shopping, and restaurants in London
  • Automatic redirection of iPhone and Blackberry browsers to alternate sites optimized for them
  • Recommendations and images automatically aggregated from a variety of web sites
  • A secure web site for Air New Zealand concierges to make additional recommendations and manage existing ones
  • Integration with Google geocoding API to allow mapping of recommendations
  • Integration with to broadcast recommendations via Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and
  • Automated population of a Campaign Monitor mailing list upon sweepstakes entry
  • JSON download of recommendations to a custom iPhone application

This campaign built on, incorporating New Zealand, Melbourne, and Sydney as destinations. The agile development process employed by Now Interactive LLC enabled the existing site to be enhanced with roles and authorizations for Air New Zealand concierges.

This campaign was delivered in just four weeks from concept to launch. It integrated the Twitter API to analyze a user's tweets. IP geolocation was used to display different advertisements relevant to the visitor's location.


Relaxtolondon.com0 77d19d8355bb736b42ceac70aadd0bf4d7ca0a7959a7e5a51779a7e79bc34cce began as a concept drawing.

Relaxtolondon.com1 54787b904ad327b316f3822626c6afb8187be44b2a0fd9c235f534d02bbfacba

Within 24 hours, it was a working web site. bdd7b28c0d5d6a9937116f3d6c7a844428f43136b252bacc86d0bfaf1275e0df

Six weeks later, the full application was launched. 79fefa5a39b30aa75a09d82ed05532792f699d08bd7ee43cc3cea38f3e931840

The successful London campaign was extended to additional geographies. b11de63e7a8e288eddc05de7ec143c83622055a1f4998a854846ee699be1596d launched in just four weeks.

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