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Need Solutions Fast?

In business, time is money. Whether for marketing, customer service, operations, or electronic commerce, today's businesses need web solutions fast.

Historically, software solutions frequently failed to meet expectations. Businesses spent enormous amounts of time and money on fixes and enhancements until their needs were finally met.

We Go Fast

Now Interactive LLC reduces or eliminate the costs and delays of web application development. We use rapid prototyping for concrete, high-fidelity communication with customers. The result is faster delivery of higher-quality solutions that delight customers.

We embrace agile software development methodologies, taking them to the extreme with 24-hour turnaround and even real-time updates. We extend "agile" beyond our development and QA organizations to include customers. The result is satisfied customers who can trust us to deliver the results they want.

You Go Fast

If you would like to accelerate your IT organization's delivery of the right solution, we can help. Nothing makes development go faster than clear and complete requirements. Our rapid prototyping services can help specify and clarify functional requirements completely and concretely. And prototypes, like concept cars, make for exciting demonstrations of thought leadership to your customers.

Tracer Bullets

When [tracer bullets are] fired, their phosphorus ignites and leaves a pyrotechnic trail from the gun to whatever they hit. If the tracers are hitting the target, then so are the regular bullets.

Not surprisingly, tracer bullets are preferred to the labor of calculation. The feedback is immediate, and because they operate in the same environment as the real ammunition, external effects are minimized.

...To get the same effect in code, we're looking for something that gets us from a requirement to some aspect of the final system quickly, visibly, and repeatably.

The Pragmatic Programmer, Andrew Hunt, David Thomas, Addison Wesley Longman, 2000

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